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If there is one insect that is nearly impossible to avoid, it is the ant. These tiny pests make up anywhere from 20-40% of animal biomass on the planet. 

Ants aren’t a problem, until they are

Ants are one of the most common types of insects in the world making them literally impossible to avoid!

While they are one of the most popular pest infestations to come across, they can also be difficult to manage and increase the need for a pest control service. Luckily, we offer ant extermination among our many pest control services in New Jersey.

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These little, tiny crawlers are hard to notice until they make up a bigger problem than expected!

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What are the dangers of ant infestations?

You might ask yourself, are having ants in your house that bad?

Are these tiny creatures really worth calling for pest control and ant extermination?

They can make you sick

The good news is that ants don’t actually host diseases inside them. The bad news is that they are tiny and can walk over everything that stands between them and their next meal, posing a risk of cross-contamination.

They team up

Like most pests, when you spot one, it’s likely there’s a lot more hiding in the corner. This is especially true with ants who like to call their friends when they find a good food source.

They have a good appetite

Ants will stop at nothing to get to your food. They creep through the openings of jars and chew their way through packaging. Unless you don’t mind that extra ant flavor, you might find yourself throwing away a large amount of food.

They can act like termites

While this is only true with carpenter ants, it’s still something to look out from. They tunnel through moist wood and nest inside of it which can bring serious damage to your home.

They attract other pests

The problem with ants is that some pests find them quite tasty.  Having ants in your house can attract certain types of spiders or even bats, that will find your house more appealing than others as it comes with a homecooked dish!

Ants that work together, stay together

Rule of thumb: If you see an ant, there are probably more roaming around

Don’t wait long before calling for ant extermination!

Ants commonly live in large colonies, also known as superorganisms, because they work together so well that it feels like they’re collectively running one body!

Inside a colony, roles are assigned; You have your workers and soldiers. Ants are smart too! They assign elder ants to be the soldiers as they’re more likely to die by natural causes anyway and keep the role of the workers for the healthy youth that can carry up twenty times their body weight!

What are the common type of ants in new jersey?

Get to know your ant!

While all ants might look the same to you (after all who actually takes the time to take a closer look at an ant!), there are many different types of ants, and they all have something special to make them stand out. Luckily, we provide ant extermination for all different types of ants among our pest control services for the folks of New Jersey!

Pavement Ants

The Pavement ants earned their title from residing inside the cracks of the pavement, often roaming nearby households in search of their next meal. During the 1700s and 1800s, these ants most likely came to the U.S through the holds of merchant ships.

Odorous House Ants

The intense, rotten coconut-like odor that the odorous house ant releases when crushed give it its name. Despite their name, odorous house ants survive in indoor and outdoor environments. They can live in a wide range of environments and are particularly fond of sweets, mainly honeydew.

The Leafcutter Ant

You probably think that the leafcutter ant makes sure it gets its fiber content by munching its way through leaves, but it actually uses leaves to grow its favorite meal, fungus! They cultivate their fungal gardens by providing them with freshly cut leaves with over 60 million years of experience in farming.

The Carpenter Ant

Ever met a carpenter who doesn’t actually build anything? Well, there’s a first time for everything!  It chews through moist wood and creates space for laying eggs. Over time, the structure of the wood can sustain complete failure and cause incredible damage to your home.

 The Pharaoh Ant

Another tiny monster that pops up here is the Pharaoh Ant, whose colonies can contain several hundred thousand workers, depending on space and food sources. These indoor-thriving, territorial beasts can take over an entire office block with a one-queen colony. Hide the candy as these guys love sweets.

The Crazy Ant

Crazy ants get their name from their wild and unpredictable movements, crawling wild and rapidly in their search for food. They are free spirits! They don’t make nests or mounds and prefer to reside in yard waste, tree cavities, plants, soil, and electrical equipment.

Acrobat Ants

Acrobat ants gained their name by flexibly raising their abdomen above their head whenever they feel threatened. They build their nests and hide in rocks and wood, as well as in walls and buildings that have been weakened by wood-boring insects, moisture, or fungi. or body weight!

How can i get rid of ants in my house?

Big solutions for these tiny pests!

Ants might be tiny but very difficult to control on your own!

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